About Nash Lakes

Nash Lakes is Kevin Nash’s vision to deliver the highest quality carp sport to all.


From the 20 year development of his own iconic Church Lake in Essex that claim more 50 lb carp than most counties, Kevin Nash is set to change UK carp fisheries using the same model to create the best open access fisheries in the land.


The newly opened Kingfisher and Wood lakes in Cambridgeshire bring hand picked carp, beautiful surroundings and an environment designed down to the finest detail to suit the modern carper from vehicle access to purpose created swims and no fuss online booking.


Church Lake have made headlines, opening to all for exclusive five day sessions offering the chance to catch some of the most sought after carp in the UK, in exclusive surroundings with great facilities and an unbeatable chance of a giant carp. Both are truly dream carp waters, responsible for more personal bests than perhaps any others.


The best water quality, hand picked stock and tireless work to create carp fisheries that are or will become centres of excellence underpin Kevin’s commitment to the future of the sport.

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